Colorado United offers the Rec Plus program from ages U9 to U12. The Rec Plus program is designed for the player who desires a higher level of training and play. Players regardless of their ability level, who are committed to becoming a better soccer player and have a passion for soccer, are a perfect fit for this program.

The goal of the Rec Plus program is to create a fun and passionate environment to help each player along with their soccer playing experience. The program is designed to reinforce proper techniques, provide new/challenging training, and promote creative play. We believe that true development only occurs when players receive individual instruction while being pushed beyond their comfort zones.

This is not a competitive program or advanced league but is a more progressive division that requires more of the players while focusing on their skills in a fun and enthusiastic environment. Each team will receive between 5 and 6 staff training sessions per season with United’s professional staff trainers. The training is the most important aspect of the Rec Plus program, this helps develop the player and also the volunteer coach.

Director of Coaching

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Felipe Quiroga

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U9 Rec Plus

Birth year 2015

The goal of this program is to enhance the development of each player’s technical ability. By focusing on technique this will ultimately improve their soccer experience with the goal of creating life-long soccer players. Passing and receiving, ball striking, dribbling and ball control are the most important topics for this age group. Each player will see their individual skill and technique improve during the first year of the Rec Plus program. To effectively create this environment players practice twice a week, typically on Monday and Wednesday for 75 minutes. Teams in this age group play 7v7 with a GK. This encouraged format provides players with more opportunities to touch the ball in the game and ultimately improves their decision making skills. Teams typically play against other Colorado United teams in an in-house league.


Predetermined Practice Schedule:

U9 Boys - Monday and Wednesdays - Early (4:30-5:45pm)

U9 Girls - Monday and Wednesdays - Late (5:45-7:00pm)


U10 Rec Plus

Birth Year 2014

The U10 Rec Plus focus is to continue with the development of each player’s technical ability with a shift towards team related development. The cognitive awareness and understanding of concepts develop with age, and at U10 the players are able to comprehend more tactical related thoughts and ideas. The Rec Plus program begins to implement more tactical information to increase their game understanding and decision making skills. Players practice two  times a week, typically on a Tuesday and Thursday. Teams in this age group play 7v7, typically these teams play in the South Metro League an in-house interleague with Skyline Soccer Association.


Predetermined Practice Schedule:

U10 Boys - Tuesday and Thursdays - Early (4:30-5:45pm)

U10 Girls - Tuesday and Thursdays - Late (5:45-7:00pm)

U11-U12 Rec Plus

Birth years 2013-2012

This program continues the development and benefits of the U9 & U10 Rec Plus. This program has proven to be a great alternative to competitive soccer for many players while still providing quality training. For many players this provides a bridge between the Recreational and Competitive program, allowing each player to develop their skills and potentially move to the Competitive program when the time is right for the player and/or team. Teams in this age group play 9v9 and practice 2 times a week. Typically these teams play at the Gold/Silver Rec level of play through CSA and play a mixture of home and away games.

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