Colorado United follows the South Suburban Parks and Recreation policy for inclement weather. Should the fields close prior to 3 pm, this website and the club's social media accounts,, will be updated accordingly. Should inclement weather arrive after 3 p.m. it becomes the coach's discretion whether to have practice or not. Please keep in mind that it may be inclement in one area of town, but not at practice sites, and weather conditions can change quickly. Coaches or team managers should follow up with the team should practice gets cancelled.

Colorado United Lightning Policy

Lightning Safety

  1. Coaches, please download the FREE Weather Bug App. If you don’t have a smartphone, have a parent on your team be responsible for downloading/monitoring.
  2. Click the Spark tab at the bottom of the page. If lighting strikes are detected within 10 miles all players and coaches must seek shelter.
  3. Once the Spark tab shows that there are no lightning strikes within 10 miles away, players must wait 30 minutes to return to the fields. (If lightning strikes are detected again within 10 miles, the 30 minute clock starts again)

What to do?

  1. All players must get into a car immediately!
  2. Training is considered finished if there is less than 45 minutes left in training when lightning is detected.
  3. Parents should provide shelter for players as soon as possible once lightning is detected.
  4. Please do not drop off children if there is a weather delay!
  5. If threatening weather is present, please remain at the field until the conclusion of training or practice.

Thank you for your time and adherence to these measures. For more information on Lightning Safety and Outdoor Sports Activities, visit this link:

For additional information visit the National Weather Services for Lightning Safety

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