Competitive Player Release/Transfer and Refund Policy

  1. Refunds are considered only if the family moves more than 50 miles from their primary residence or the player is injured and unable to participate as documented by a physician. Only a portion of the fees paid will be considered for a refund.
  2. Per CSA Rule 1.7. A youth player is registered for a seasonal year from the moment the player or player’s representative executes the registration form.
  3. Per CSA Rule 3.7.a. The club to which a player is currently registered shall have the sole discretion of whether to grant a transfer to that player, as players are bound to their club for the entire seasonal year once registered. The decision of their club on whether to grant a requested transfer shall be final. 
  4. Per CSA Rule 3.7.a.1.iii. Open Transfer Window 12/1-12/14 each year.

If transfer/release to another club is approved, all club registration and team fees must be paid in full for the entire soccer year before the transfer/release will be authorized. This will include all club registration fees for the balance of the seasonal year before the CSA release will be completed.

Force Majeure

Littleton Soccer / Colorado United shall not be liable or responsible for refunds for failure, cancellation, suspension, postponement, delay, or shortening in services resulting from a Force Majeure Event, inclusive of causes beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to: acts of God; field closures; labor disputes; equipment failure; war; terrorism; riot; acts of civil or military authorities; epidemics; pandemics; floods; fires; unusual severe weather conditions; accidents; or other contingencies the non-occurrence of which was a basic assumption on which the registration was made.

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