Colorado United is now a part of a strong and growing group of soccer organizations across the country that focuses on the club-coach-parent relationship and

sees the importance and value of providing parents with information, support, and guidance.

Soccer Parent Resource Center content has 6 primary categories:

Body, Coach/Club, Game, Mind, Next Level, Parent, and in the library you'll find it organized into Interviews, Breakaways (short videos), Soccer Talk, Ask the Expert, Articles, and some Player Education too.

The library is simple to search using the sidebar, and you can also search the content on the entire site by using the search icon on the right side of the very top navigation menu.

This membership is free because Colorado United leadership values parents who are engaged with and educated about the soccer experiences of their child!

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The Sideline Project:

A 15-Minute Guide for level-headed youth soccer parents and coaches interested in learning more about what we can all do to improve the sidelines!

This Guide is designed to give you added perspective and understanding of sideline behavior.

- Take the Survey,

- Watch an 11-minute video,

- Talk to your child about sideline behavior.

- Take the Sideline Behavior Parent Pledge!

Just 15 minutes of your time for a healthier, empowering sideline so your child will be inspired!


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