Is your young athlete getting enough sleep?


Young athletes need a good night’s rest in order to stay healthy and balance their academic and athletic workloads. In fact, 80% of teens get the nine to 10 hours of sleep every night that they need. Our guide will tell you how sleep impacts performance and offer tips for improving sleep habits.

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How to Protect your Unvaccinated Kid: Activities, Childcare, Sports and More


Parents of children under 5 are still anxiously awaiting vaccine approval for their kids. And with many states opening up for more activity and lifting mask mandates, it’s growing even more difficult for parents to determine the best strategies to keep their kids safe. We’re here to help you figure out social activities, childcare, travel, sports and mental health for your unvaccinated child.

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How to Help Children After Traumatic Events


Between unrest in Ukraine, the recent Marshall Fire, and the continued impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the news is full of traumatic events that can be especially difficult for kids to process and understand. No matter how much you want to protect your kid from some of these dark events, they’ll undoubtedly have thoughts and feelings to work through. Our guide can help you get the conversation started with children of any age.

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Game Day Mental Preparation


Some kids might be pumped. Others might have anxiety. To get the most from each player, parents and coaches need to know their personalities — but there are a few things they can do to help any kid feel prepared and show up strong on the court or field.

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Expert Exercise Tips for Kids


Even short bouts of exercise can improve your kid’s sleep, stress, mood and concentration, and can help treat and prevent some medical problems. Whether your family only has a few extra minutes to spare, or you want to make physical activity a larger part of your kid’s life, we’ve compiled some helpful workout tips to kickstart your family’s journey.

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Post-Concussive Syndrome: The Big Picture Behind the Symptoms


Concussions can happen to kids of any age, regardless of whether they’re playing sports or wearing a helmet. The resulting symptoms can cause physical, emotional and cognitive distress

—but they can also be treated if you know where to look.

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The Difference Between COVID-19, Cold, Flu, and Other Bugs Affecting Kids


Body: Flu and common cold symptoms can be similar to COVID-19 in kids, but there are some important differences to keep in mind so you know for sure. Use our symptom chart as a quick and easy resource to help you stay safe.

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Post-Concussive Syndrome: The Big Picture Behind the Symptoms


Concussions can happen to kids of any age, regardless of whether they’re playing sports or wearing a helmet. The resulting symptoms can cause physical, emotional and cognitive distress

—but they can also be treated if you know where to look.

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The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise


Research shows that children who get even 20 minutes of moderate physical activity in their day have increased attention, comprehension and learning ability. They feel better, too. At the same time, budget and curriculum cuts have led to less physical education in schools than ever. Here’s how to make sure kids are getting the exercise they need to feel their best.

(Hint: It doesn’t have to be difficult!)

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Easing Back-to-School Stress


From new faces to new spaces to bullying, peer pressure and the ever-changing rules and norms of the COVID-19 pandemic, getting back to school can be a challenging time for kids and parents alike. Luckily, there are ways to set up a smooth transition.

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Back to School with COVID-19, Part 2


With school coming back around and the pandemic still not over, two issues weigh heavily on parents’ minds: How will the school year play out, and what’s best for my child and family?

Parenting is hard, especially now, and every family’s situation is different. That’s why we rounded up our experts to address frequently asked questions from real parents – all focused on keeping precious little minds and bodies healthy.

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10 Benefits of Chocolate Milk & How it Helps Young Athletes


Recovery is the window of time when an athlete needs to replenish their energy after a hard workout or activity. For high school athletes, the low-fat chocolate milk in the school cafeteria can help.

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Outdoor Adventures with Kids


High-Altitude Fun, By Age

Pediatric sports medicine doc Aaron Provance, MD, loves the outdoors. He's a seasoned mountaineer, hiker, mountain biker, rock climber, and more, and he's a big advocate for getting kids out into nature. As a father of triplets, he's also realistic about what that involves.

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A Healthy and Balanced Vegetarian Diet 


Some professional athletes practice a meatless or dairy-free diet, and your young athlete may express interest too. This is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of nutrition with your child and do research together on what it takes to manage a vegetarian diet.

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Exercises with an Athletic Trainer


Children's Hospital has begun creating a playlist on their Youtube channel of a variety of exercises for athletes to utilize to reduce injuries

Here is the link: Exercises with an Athletic Trainer - YouTube

Children’s Hospital Colorado (Children’s Colorado) Sports Medicine Center and Littleton Soccer/Colorado United Club recently partnered to promote health and wellness within the club. Children’s Colorado will provide a certified athletic trainer to the club for home games at Cornerstone Park during the league season, at hosted tournaments and at the Littleton Soccer Club office one day per week for visits.

Children’s Colorado will also provide educational content for members in all newsletters, over social media properties and during parent educational nights. This content will help members to stay informed and on top of the latest trends and treatments.

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