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The Copa program is a program for U9 & U10 players.

This program is the highest of our 3 tiers within our recreational programs for the U9/U10 age group.

The Copa program provides a pathway for players that are committed to playing soccer in a competitive environment and as a priority sport within the seasons.  Players are placed within the program and on teams based upon United’s How We Play coaching philosophy.  These include ability/performance (Technical & Tactical), desire/mentality (Psychological), and speed/athleticism (Physical).

This program is designed for the players that want to compete, play with like-minded and able players.  Copa will put players in the best training environment to play competitive soccer at U11.

This dynamic program focuses on the development of each player’s individual skill as well as increasing their tactical understanding of the game.

  • Teams will have paid club coaches as the team’s head coach.
  • Copa Academy teams will practice at a centralized location, this will help increase their exposure to United’s philosophy and provide like team scrimmage and cross training opportunities.
  • Roster size between 9 – 11 players.
  • Teams will play at the appropriate level of Colorado Soccer Association’s Front Range League.
  • Players are placed on teams based upon each player’s individual ability.
  • Player movement between teams can occur based upon the growth of each player’s development, performance and understanding of the game.
  • Each player’s commitment to this program includes playing in a minimum of 1-2 tournaments per season. Team entry fees are shared by each team member.
  • Goalkeeping training is provided once a week for the assigned team GK’s.
  • Players are expected to participate in off-season training. In the summer this is a camp and winter a once-a-week training program that lasts for approximately 7 weeks.  There is an additional fee for these events.
  • United’s Copa Academy Program supports our own philosophy that promotes an attractive, possession-orientated style of play while closely following the curriculum set by US Soccer.
  • Copa vs Rec Plus Criteria
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Copa Director

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Competitive Technical Director

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Director of Goalkeeping

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