United Resources and College Advisory Program (U’RCAP)

U’RCAP is designed to assist any student athlete with the college process, whether it involves playing soccer in college or not. Chris Smith, U’RCAP Director is a high school counselor by trade and academics and connecting students to their future goals always come first. Having a strong academic understanding of the present and what the future can hold is the key to success for any young person who wishes to pursue post-graduate studies- or who is simply looking for the best ways in which to reach their future endeavors.

The role of the U’RCAP Director is to assist players in meeting such goals and possibly helping them to open up opportunities to play soccer in college as well. If not a personal pursuit to play in college, it’s not big deal, but at least players then have the base knowledge about the college search process and how to connect their academics to both athletics and to their futures.

For further information please email Chris Smith

Link to an article with some great tips for our Seniors still looking to be recruited.
College Recruiting During COVID-19

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