Colorado United Style of Play

All boys and girls teams across all age-groups (U9-U19) Colorado United work to follow a consistent style of play.

In Possession, we play a game based on smart decision making with a strong desire to go forward and create scoring opportunities. Our game is one that encourages creativity, flair, and confidence with the ball in possession.

Out of Possession, we emphasize solid and patient one-on-one defending and group defending tactics while looking for opportunities on when to pressure opponents into making mistakes and giving us the ball. We encourage players to defend on all areas of the field.

Transition, we want our players recognizing and responding in the first few seconds after losing or regaining possession of the ball. Our teams recognize this process as a way of gaining a competitive advantage over their opponents.

It is imperative that Colorado United teams and players feel comfortable playing the ball from the back (including the Goalkeeper) through the midfield and from there to the final third of the field.

Colorado United coaches, backed by research and modern methodology, use a teaching method of guided discovery and a growth mentality to promote individual player development within the team. Colorado United players are constantly encouraged to make their own decisions and express their individual creativity in both training and game environments.

Ultimately, through hard work and a dedication to embracing competition, success is earned not given. 

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